Pre-NCYM Email Update

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Greetings Friends.  From all of us at His Image Designs, we hope you’ve had a great Christmas and are looking forward to starting off the new year at NCYM!  We are disappointed that we’ll have to miss out this year, but our prayer is that you are uplifted and encouraged during your time away. You can still look for our ad in the NCYM program to help you remember who we are.

We want to update you on some things and remind you to think of us before your next retreat/camp/sleepover/anything that involves getting together and might need a t shirt event. We also can work on a logo, set you up with a website, or banner for any of those events. Let us know what you want and we will work to make it happen.

We have enjoyed a great time over the past few months and look forward to 2012.  We have plans in the works to move into a new location better suited to our needs that will in turn help get quality products with better customer service.  Our process of providing quality items at affordable prices with the best customer service you can find continues to refine itself.  We are working on making online ordering easier and quicker.  You might have noticed the online form that comes with your art proof that helps streamline the order process.

Of course, if you remember, we gave away an iPad in August.   Every 10 shirts ordered from NVYM 2010 to August 1 was entered one time.  The winner of that was Sam Brinson of Frisco, TX and McDermott Road Church of Christ.  Congrats…we hear his wife has “stolen” it from him!!  For your next order, get 5% off with the mention of this email and how cool we are with the code: ‘NCYM 2012‘ in the subject line.  This offer of 5% off will run in January and February, so place your orders early for Spring Retreat or whatever you have coming up.   We will also begin a referral promotion soon after the new year.  If you are interested in that and have more questions let us know.

As always, we appreciate youth ministers and their families more than you will ever know.  We spent 8 years walking where you are and know the sacrifies but also the joys that youth ministry can bring.  We hope that you will allow us the opportunity to partner with you and your event in 2012!  May God bless you and the seeds you plant daily in 2012!

God Bless,

Blair Gibson

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