NCYM Post #1

In Email, T-Shirt Designs by admin


Thanks for coming by to see us at NCYM. I hope you were blessed by your time  in worship, the Word, and rest. We also pray that you are now better equipped to go back home and love your kids and your church and let them see God through you.

We will send you an occasional email to remind you of the services and prices that we offer. Please keep us in mind as you prepare for your next retreat, camp or summer theme idea.

Oh yeah! We still have an iPad.  Our drawing will be Monday, August 1.  You can still enter, or add to your chances by ordering shirts.  Remember, for every 10 shirts you order (yes that includes the extra shirts for the kids who just show up without signing up) your name will be entered into the drawing again.

Blessings to you all in your ministry.